Hip Hop, Heels


Hello, my name is Sophia. I am from Hollywood/Miami, Florida. I started dancing in Florida and then I decided to make my move to New York. I love dancing and anytime I get to dance I am just so happy. I love the energy and the fact you get to get people up and dancing. When in Florida, I have worked with Flo Rida, Red Rat, Guop Boys, Pitbull and performances with T-Vice. Since I have been in New york, I have choreographed aspiring artists videos, I was in Kat Deluna – Drop it low. I currently back-up dance for Soave, 80s freestyle singer. which we performed twice at Radio City Music Hall. I have put on dance workshops in Milan, Biella, Ancona and Turin Italy. I currently teach, heels and fierce feminine hiphop at a dance studio in Manhattan, SassClass. I coach and choreograph for strong kid dancers. I train at Broadway Dancer, Steps on Broadway, Peridance and classes and workshops at Ripley Grier Studios. I love dancing, I love performing and I love people. I love training in all styles , popping and vogue are more my forte. I am also an aspiring actress. Thats pretty much me.

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